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Let’s take a break with swords and magic in playing Arcade Role Playing game because today I will share to you guides for Broken Dawn 2 as a new mobile games based from post-apocalyptic and futuristic warfare. Here you will use advanced weapon against mutated monsters. Upon playing for a new content, expect that you will enjoy a new experience of playing shooting game with additional elements such as tumbling, rockets, and droids as your primary arsenal in game. I enjoyed the game as I played it for hours and that made me discover cheats which I will include in my Broken Dawn 2 guides below:

1. Getting 3-star rating cheat. Upon playing the game well and achieve 3-star rating as you completed the level, you are able to enjoy lots of compensation. On early levels, you will never find this really challenging as it is very easy to get such rating especially if you have lots of droid to drop in battlefield. But as you reach latter stage, you really need a strategy to complete the stage faster. Yes it is all about the time, but getting a decent time is not really easy until we discovered a cheat to complete level easier and for you to get such rating.

In completing a level faster, you really don’t need to kill all mobs. I know that the door will not be open without clearing the current area but you can cheat it by doing a tumble to pass it. This will let you bypass all gate meaning you need only to run and run and do tumble on those closed door. Can you imagine how fast you can make it on every level. But of course there are some scenario where you really need to clear the area especially on the last part of the stage. But still you have plenty of time to clear it so there will be no serious problem on getting your 3-star.

2. Getting coins easy. Coin  is very essential in game as this is what you need to upgrade your battle points. And the best way to get it is through Alchemy. Here you have a chance to get 2x coins from either spending diamonds or free. If you wish to spend diamonds, make sure to get higher package so you can have 10% off. And if you are looking for a good way to invest with your diamonds is to spend it for coins so Alchemy will help you a lot from it.

3. Complete higher difficulty. If you can complete the lower (easy) difficult, you must try higher difficult which can give you better rewards in game. But you  should understand that this not as easy as you are thinking. So be sure to check the suggested BP before taking up the specific difficulty or it will be a waste of time for you.

4. Sort your bag. Use those equipment that are higher tier than your current gear. Sell those you don’t need. As when your bag get full, you are not able to get loots. Also it will be easier for you to know which is better and equip it.

5. Complete your achievements. In Broken Dawn 2 there are sets of task you can complete including achievements, dailies, emblems, and level rewards. Every quest can give you decent rewards upon completion. Though you can just play the game without minding those challenges, but if will better to check it from time to time especially with the dailies and comply on it. Here you will know if you are playing the game right or not. And for sure if you will follow all tips here including cheat, these tasks are easy to complete.

6. Get rewards from logging in. The same with other mobile games where you can get rewards from simply logging in to the game. Here you will get better rewards with longer streak so be sure to login to the game daily so you can claim your rewards. and complete the 21st day every month.

That’s for my Broken Dawn 2 guides and if you want to share yours, you can use the comment box below. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy!

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