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Thanks to Glu and now we are able to play Britney Spears: American Dream on both Android and iOS. I waited for this game so long as I found that Glue will release a game which is based from Britney Spears. I love their previous games even I’m not fan of Katie and Kim and so how much more for my favorite artist ever since I discovered MTV. Actually the concept is the same with their previous release, wherein you will play for stardom together with celebrity and this time it’s Britney Spears. Here you will interact with people in showbiz as you perform in gigs, release your album, reach the top of music chart and of course earn fans together with the pop princess.

To make this game more interesting, Glu included popular venues such as Starbeans, Planet Hollywood, Beverly Hills and lot more. You will see yourself doing dozens of quest in these location that will come more real as you are able to get your own car to transfer from different location. Not only car but you can also customize your musical equipment, clothes, accessories, and lot more.

This is a competition of popularity as you are aiming the top chart position, you will see other players doing their best too in gathering fans, getting a connection, and asking the sympathy of social media for their career.

Well we are here to help you playing Britney Spears: American Dream with some basic tricks that we discovered in playing this game. So let’s go get the stardom!

1 . No need to click on stuff to collect. All you have to do is to click the action indicator to execute it that usually requires you energy. And once the cash, B-gems,  and everything came out, just forget about it because the game will collect it automatically. For others this is not a big deal but for us, it is really effort consuming. And why you need to click on those if you can still get it as the game will collect it automatically though this is not instantly but you will not miss even a single currency from that action you did. This is a good way to save your own energy especially if you are planning to play this game for hours.

2. Getting free B-gems. This is the premium currency of the game that you use to buy extra energy, cash and premium items. As you can see this will give you a fast progress. To get B-gems you need to buy it with cash while some players are looking forward to download Britney Spears: American Dream to get unlimited B-gems. Well Glu discourage players to do that while they consider those who are not able to spend money for this app. That is why they included a system wherein players can get free gems. Here you can get free premium currency by watching advertisement video for seconds. The good thing here is that you can watch several videos without waiting for a cooldown. Meaning you can have lots of B-gems by simply lending your time to watch their ads.

Also you can consider doing some offer like answering surveys, installing application and etc. Unlike in watching videos wherein you will get 1 B-gem per advertisement video, here you can get several B-gems by doing an offer. You can do all offers to get lots of this premium currency.

3. Follow your quests’ list. If you don’t know what to do or missed the instructions based on your conversation, you can review  it through quests’ list. This is a drop down menu located at the middle bottom of our screen. But if you have time, it is better to hang out with your contacts to get more sympathy from fans and not to do directly what the storyline tells . As for people to hang out, the more popular your connection is, the better as you will get fans from them too.

Quest is a good encouragement to keep on making progress in game. This will also tell you if you are playing the game right based on your progress or here with the number of your fans. The same with other mobile games, Britney Spears: American Dream also offers good rewards upon quest completion. The best of it is the B-Gems which come as premium currency in this game. So even without downloading cheats for hundreds of thousand gems, you can still have plenty of it by simply completing your quest.

4. Take advantage with discounted items. If you really want to spend money for this game, it is better to purchase those under in discounted price that come in bundle. Right now, the game has good offer with starter pack to me. Here I’m able to get exclusive clothes, 50 pieces of energy, and 175 B-gems. The offer is available only for 48 hours so I need to hurry before it ends so I can get 70%  off discount.

5. Add more friends. This is pretty basic but what I can see from most of Glu’s game, if you are really serious in playing their games, you must have a good circle of friends playing their games. And so the same rule goes here in Britney Spears: American Dream. Through friends you can boost your record label which will come for more sales.

There are different method to gain friends. The basic is to share your Star ID so other players will add it or you can ask for other players Star ID so you can add them to your list. Well now, you need to use the community to meet players of this game. You can use the comment form below to share your Star ID or get ID from other players. You can also use their official social network account to get new friends.

If you don’t know where to find your Star ID, just tap the settings button that come as gear-liked icon located at the upper left side of your screen and there you will see your personal alphanumeric codes.

6. Follow game’s recommendation. This is when the game ask you to change your clothes. Actually you really don’t need to follow everything on it or else it will consumes cash from you and you are not able to buy what you really want. All you have to do is to click and then just go back, do it on everything that game wants you to do. (You will see it with blue-green dot) This will improve your popularity in game even without doing something that will requires you to spend money.

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