Brawl of Ages Strategy Guide


I always enjoy playing real-time strategy game and though this is not actually new to us as we seen the concept of this game from Clash Royale, Brawl of Ages brings new challenge of a simple mobile game to in depth strategy based game.

Upon enjoying days of playing the early access of the game, I learned a lot of it that I want to share to my readers so they will have edge when Brawl of Ages release. I found some viable strategy that they can use in all situation to win the game. Of course we are playing to win the game, and to make it possible we need only to understand the game and how we can turn the tide in our favor. So let’s go!

1. Blitzkrieg. This is the basic strategy in this game that shows a good winning rate on lower tier of the game. Just like how German military attacked their enemy, you will also deploy all possible units on a single area of your opponent. With concentrated force, you are going to look forward on fast victory from destroying enemy tower or even the main base. I found it very effective on early game wherein we are battling against inexperience players. Also the main concept of this strategy is to get benefits from “offense-is-the-best-defense” mechanics. You don’t need to defend forever but you need only to tear down the opposing main base to win the game.

But like what I’m saying about this strategy it will only works on your first few games in game, because in advanced stage, what will bring advantage to you is defending your base and doing some a cool counter.

2. Counter is the best form of defense. Now if you don’t like the idea of blitzkrieg or you are already in tier that this strategy is not working anymore, it is time to build up your defense. And when it comes on defending your base, the best thing to do is to counter your opponent whatever units they deployed in game. So you are in counter, it is given that you need to wait for your opponent to release his units first before doing an action. In this this strategy, you will have the idea on what you are going to face in battle.

3. Know the different role in game. Since your opponent reveal his card on deployment, your next thing to do is to counter it based on your role and you can only do this successfully if you know the different role in game. If you see flying units, you need to place a ranged unit. You can also use tank to or those unit with high defense to lead the battle followed by nuker or spell caster, then a flying units.

4. Cover all different ranges. As you noticed above, I’m ensuring that my fleet covers different ranges so my opponent will have a hard time countering my deployment. You must have aerial, ranged, and melee. In case that the cards in your hand can’t cover these possible ranges, it is better to keep waiting as long as your tower can defend you. Then go for a massive attack that comes from all available ranges in game.

5. Use your spell wisely. This is a game-turner wherein you can kill hordes of enemies in an instant. To adapt it offensively, this is the main disadvantage of using blitzkrieg since your enemy can eliminate all your offensive units in one shot. Save your spell in the rough hour or where your opponent deployed a lot of enemies. The more enemies to kill, the better. With spell card in your hand, you have last resort.

6. Familiarize your deck. This is really very important in game. You need to familiarize your deck so you have an idea how much time you need to keep patiently waiting. When you know your deck well, it is easy to pick for each role that includes range. I believe that as you just started playing the game, it is not actually easy to know each card you have but a little reading, playing and understand the purpose of each card in your deck, it will be easy for you to formulate your own strategy based on your deck.

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