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The newest massively multiplayer real time strategy game that you can download for both Android and iOS. This for those who enjoy playing Clash of Clans and they want to change the game elements from classical war themed into futuristic war wherein you will see high technology tanks, droids and even robots. And that is the reason why I played this game and because that this game has a major similarity with most MMORTS I found this game not too difficult to play. Well for those first time player of this genre or newbie from playing Battle Alert : War of Tanks, you can check out some key points for playing this game effectively:

1. Strategize your worker. The fact is, you will start having one worker at a time and this is really annoying since you can’t make an action without completing the first task. So the best thing you can do here is to strategize your worker based on time duration you need to wait before you can complete it. As for instance, you are going to play the game for one hour, you must work on those easy-task which can be completed for 2-10 minutes. While those action that will take 8 hours, or even days, you must work on it when you are about to log out and not able to play the game just like when you are about to sleep or going to work and so on.

2. Focus on working with your resources. I believe that you are here in this game to enjoy the war, to fight and compete with other players in the world thus you are in hurry of producing units as well as building defenses to protect your territory and this takes the biggest part of your resources. Well that will work somehow on early phase of the game but if you are serious in playing this game, you need first to sacrifice everything you desire for war and focus on working with your resources. This is the best approach on playing MMORTS and I’m here to supply you reason and convince you why you should play this game like what I did in most MMORTS I played which always give me advantage over other players who made a different approach.

So why you should focus working on your resources and forget about the war first:

*Because you have a novice protection. This is a protection will nullifies you from other players to attack your territory and plunder your resources. So there is nothing to worry about building defenses. But most of the time players lose this advantage as they attack other players’ bases. Once you attack someone you will lose the protection and you will be vulnerable from attack. Novice protection is very important as a matter of fact you need to spend a hard earned currency to activate the protection again while the game compensate beginner players with free novice protection to ensure that they can prepare yourself for the big war.

*Because you are not yet ready. Yes you are not ready and you are building defenses and producing opposing forces but then you are still not yet ready. Even with so much priority with your defenses, as a beginner, you can’t still defend your territory from players who already playing this game for week. At this post, all you have to do is to prepare yourself by building resources and only rely with novice protection alone.

*Because you have only one unit to progress. Yes, as a beginner you only have one worker and this limits players to progress that much. With this worker, you will only get trapped of waiting in case that you didn’t focus on one field alone. In this game there are three things to work out, offense, defense, and resources while focusing on resources will do the job.

*Because resources are what you need to progress. You need resources to upgrade your command center, which is actually you need so you can improve both defense and offense. At first you will find it very easy to upgrade your arsenal but as you reach higher tier, you need to have a massive amount of resources to upgrade.

3. Things you must understand in attacking. Now that you have enough resources, and expect that the novice protection already expired this is the best time for you to attack. In attacking there are different key points to consider to ensure that you are always the upper hand of the battle even you just started playing Battle Alert : War of Tanks. So here comes what you really wants in this – prepare for battle:

*Power by number. This is the basic strategy in war and you can apply it in this game. On the early phase of the game, you can win easily through number. So the more troops you deploy on the game, the higher the possible you are going to win it. In this game there is a limit with the number of unit that you can deploy and in the later stage you really need to have a better strategy and this is actually not just a number. Every player has their own strategy that can implement in their game and for you to have your own strategy you must understand the purpose of each unit that you can deploy in game. They have unique characteristic as well as disadvantage and advantage. Always use their advantage to cover up their disadvantage in game. For those units that can absorb most damage, make sure to deploy them first follow by your damage dealer. In most case, those who have a better defense factor has a lower damage output and vice versa.

* Find an easy opponent yet there are lots of resources to plunder. You are not required to attack advanced players in the game in regarding with their defenses. Here you have a chance to find an opponent to attack base on their resources as well as their defense. In lower level, there are lots of players you can attack without having solid defense as threat in your units. Use this as your advantage and take time in finding the best opponent which will bring victory to you without having any problem.

* Find the best spot to deploy your unit. This is where you will find the enemy base less defense. In my experience of playing this game, the land is huge for me to fortify it with defense and there is always a gap for your turret. With this disadvantage I also use it against my opponent and leave them helpless. With a good placement you can almost control everything in game and you can easily do a focus fire against the security of your opponent..

4. Building a solid defense. Offense is nothing without a good defense, it is like earning lots of resources from plundering and let other players only take it from you. So if you attack other players make sure you are also ready to receive some attacks. Honestly attacking is far easier compare to defending but technically is what you need to focus especially in the later part of the game since everyone is looking on you from the top. Well my tricks to keep my defense firm as possible is to make it small as I can. I mentioned above that having a wide territory is the number one factor why it is really difficult for you to defend your base. Well with a good arrangement on how can you make it smaller matters. Also it is good for you to have all your turrets connected and cover all the vulnerable part of your base especially the spot where your resources and command center established. Make sure you have also all types of defense system which can defend your base from land and air attackers. This is the reason why it is really essential to unlock all available units and defense towers so you can use their distinct ability for your advantage.

5. Always do a research. Researching with battle lab is the only way for you to access higher tier units in game and this is very essential. So as you play the game, don’t forget to build battle lab as this is also very easy to construct. And the good thing about the research is that you can do here without bothering your worker. Actually the primary challenge in your progress is the lack of worker but here in battle lab, you don’t need a vacant worker to be done.

 6. Take advantage with war bank. You can locate it on south-west outside of your base. In war bank, you can acquire tremendous amount of resources (metal and oil) for free. And after collecting a couples of free resources, you can still collect lots of resources for a very small amount of premium currency. Yes you can check the screenshot below which let met to earn 73323 oil for just 2 cash. Although we never recommended spending your premium cash for just resources or those who can’t give you permanent boost but if you are in rush on getting those resources you can take advantage with war bank instead of directly purchasing it from the store.

7. Make a note of your collection/building duration. This is very essential in playing MMORTS. Actually developer made it that way so you will play the game actively and lend time on playing it. But technically you can’t wait for it with entire of your time and this is not recommended actually since you will only get tired of playing it. I believe you already knew that trick of time. The more you wait it, the longer it seems to happen. So instead of waiting for it actually, what you can do here is to write down notes about the time duration of building construction and resources collection. Make a memo that will alarm you if cooldown is completed and it is ready for collection. In my case, I play Albion Online when my worker is still unavailable to construct/upgrade new building.

8. Take advantage with timer freebies in game. I found it really handy and actually I always put it in a note so I will not miss any minute to collect it. The more often you collect your freebies from it, the better. As a newbie, it is really cool to acquire higher tier stuff from this in-game feature.

Note: I will update this post once I found more effective tricks for playing Battle Alert : War of Tanks. As of now I’m just enjoying the game and still learning depth strategy to reach the top of the leaderboard.

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