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A new hack-and-slash game that deals on different mobile experience. Instead of seeing dungeon, Babel Rush is about making your way higher with tower grinding. This is about an speed attack fantasy saga, where the Chosen Ones need to fight with might against corrupted forces. This time you will not only use one hero but select 3 heroes from 5 different classes such as warrior, berserker, mage, assassin, and archer. I found this game interesting to play by the gameplay of different classes you can use anytime. And from hours of playing Babel Rush: Heroes & Tower I discovered key factors on for us to dominate this game. So let’s go and check out my list:

1. Auto farming cheats. From hack-n-slash concept, it is obviously to get stronger is you need to spend hours of slaying monsters and wish that you will get a good loots from them. Items influence a lot your performance in battle. The higher tier your equipment is the better. The fact is you need to do farming for hours to ensure that you will get better equipment. At first you will find battle system really fun to play but after hours of grinding, believe me that you are going to use auto-fight so it will simplify your task of slaying monsters on your way.

Well what I’m going to share to is to make everything automated. This is where you can just leave your game for hours to farm in auto. Even with the help of auto-fight this is still not possible because you need to confirm the item you acquired from completing the stage. The cheat will help you confirm it auto.

If you feel the guilt of using this cheat, first we need to analyze how it works. The game has auto-fight feature. Meaning the game is not really consider auto-pilot as a ground in their ToS. From their auto-fight we are going to improve it so we can turn grinding in 100% automation. We are using this cheat for months and we never receive any warning or account suspension.

To start it, we need to download first an application that can record taps. Visit Google Play and you will find several free apps. In our case we enjoy using Repetitouch when we are playing in mobile device. But most of the time we are using Nox emulator and do this cheat on PC. Playing mobile games on PC saves you from worrying on your battery. We need unlimited power supply as we are going to grind for hours. Also Nox has a feature that works like Repetitouch which we need for this cheat.

In case that we already have Repetitouch or you are now playing in Nox, you can run the record. Then play on the stage you want to grind and complete it. Confirm the item you acquired and then play again so it will redirect you to the part you started the record. There is where you are going to end the record to complete the cycle. This cycle is what you are going to play in infinite repetition. Grinding is all  about repetition and we are going to let the saved action play this so-called repetition.

In grinding you need to complete it as fast as possible. It will be better for you to use strong offensive classes such as mage, assassin, and archer. Also in selecting a stage, it should be easier for you to complete that even relying with auto-fight will not fail you.

2. Consider the elemental property flow. In this system you will see that fire is stronger against nature, nature is stronger against water and water is stronger against fire while light and dark counter one another. This is a good basis of winning fight especially on later stage. You need to strategize your team using this system. On early levels you can simply ignore it as most fights are easy but as you go higher, elemental property flow is a good way for you to have advantage on every fight.

3. Add as many friends as possible. The idea is the same with other mobile friends. The more friends you have, the better for reward system. Adding friend is very simple. Just visit the friend’s tab and go for recommended friend wherein you will see random players to add in your list.

4. Get legendary equipment easily. This will gives you a powerspike on early phase of the game. Legendary equipment will boost you with stats on both defense and offense. For you get yours, just visit the shop and claim your free chest. From time to time you have a chance to claim chest for free. You can also save all your carats until you are able to draw 5x chest. This will guaranteed you to get legendary gear on few draw.

5. Redeem gifts from promo codes. For players who pre-registered or joined event in Babel Rush: Heroes & Tower and get promo codes, you can claim your rewards by entering the coupon number or the event code in “claim section”. In this rewarding system don’t forget that a used coupon number is obsolete. The coupon number i not case sensitive. And if you get a coupon number from the internet, you can simply copy and paste it.

6. Complete your achievement. Entertain yourself with other content of the game such as achievement. Here you have two category to complete. You can complete daily achievement that is meant to gives you a new set of task every day and Repetitive achievement which comes grindy. Both types of achievement will give you rewards upon completion. This will encourage you to play Babel Rush differently from a daily grinding and farming. This will also guide you for you to know if you are playing the game effectively or not. Finishing it without having a problem means you are playing it well.

7. Check your gift box. All rewards that you can get from events, achievements, and promo will go directly to your inbox. Better to check your box from time to time to see if there is available gifts you need to claim.

8. Play daily. To remain active in game, devs included a monthly attendance where you will get rewards from daily login. In this gift system, the longer the streak you are playing Babel Rush, the more rewards you will get. Make sure to login daily and claim your rewards. This is also your chance to get free carat that you need to draw legendary gear as what we mentioned above.

9. Get free carat. This will also treat you a free gems until you have 120 for legendary draw. Just log in on a given time to claim your free spin roulette and get a chance to get free carat.

That’s all for my Babel Rush cheats and guides. If you want to need further assistance regarding this trick, you can contact me through comment section below. Enjoy!

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