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Art of Conquest is a huge magical world. Have a strong army to beat enemies and to have an expanded kingdom. Slay the evil dragons with your legendary heroes, challenge players to have a real-time battles and to experience this breathtaking game.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll decide which heroes you’ll gonna use inside the game. Avalon, Rufio and Avril are the available heroes from the start and each of them has their own unique abilities. You can use the chosen hero immediately while the other may become available if you’re lucky enough to encounter them. I’ll give a quick review how the heroes play and make a choice that’s best for you.

  • Avalon (Last Hope) He’s a General. Hero of the people and brilliant commander who fights to reclaim his kingdom. He is naturally a support hero but in the middle or end of the game, he become functional with his own ways.
  • Rufio (Golden Stallion) He’s a Gladiator. Peerless northern warrior who battles to become the world’s greatest fighter. He can do x3 damage when he is fully leveled-up and he is mostly a Boss-level hero.
  • Avril (Polar Prodigy) She’s  Mage Genius ice mage determined to restore her magical temple to its former glory. She also has a DPS control abilities. She’s nice when your army has a lower battling compare to the enemies but she requires huge amount of mana. She’s a great choice especially if you’re facing a durable opponent.

2. Complete Your Mission

Mission is the most important part of the game. This is the reason why you keep playing. It also help you to explore, study, enjoy and understand the deep meaning of the game. Finish them as  much as you can and you can only do this if you put all your efforts to achieve them. Check your mission tab to see if there’s any mission to be complete, accept it and start your journey. Keep in mind that in every completion, there’s always a reward waiting for you in the end.

Upgrade Your Heroes

Prioritize your default ability, put your ability points here, follow by your support ability, next your control ability and set aside your DPS ability first. Distribute your ability points wisely and don’t spend it all to your active ability. It can also help you to win all the battle and easily explore the game. Upgrade your heroes wisely to become the most powerful and durable player around the world. 

That’s all for our  Art of Conquest Guides and Tips . If you have your own strategy that would likr to share, then feel free to comment below. Enjoy playing!

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