Arma Mobile Ops Strategy Guides and Tricks


If you are tired to see classical warfare from real time strategy game such as Clash of Clans, you must try Arma Mobile Ops wherein you will experience modern warfare into MMORTS. If you are already playing this game, I’m here to share to you my strategy guides for playing Arma Mobile Ops.

If you have experience with real time strategy game before, this game is not new to you as this deals with offense, defense, resources, and PvP. And with my experience of playing MMORTS, I can assure that this is not new for me which made me dominate this game easily. Such as  new game but technically doesn’t requires new strategy so it is how we dominate other game based from Clash of Clan-like games we can also use that here in Arma Mobile Ops, so let’s go!

1. Focus building up your resources. This is first thing you need to do as you just started playing real-time strategy game. I know that you are there to for war and not to just earn resources but if you serious in this game, you must start investing with your resources by building lots of storage and resource structure and upgrade it until you reach the maximum level for our building based on  your headquarters. Think that if you have a good income, you can empower both defense and offense so don’t make rush in that two fields but focus on resource. Also as you just started playing the game, there is no need to defend your city as no one is interested to attack a small territory. As well as even if you are going to spend everything for your offense this is still not enough to beat high level base. So instead what you need to do is to focus on improving your resources so it will give you a passive income that you need to empower your offense and defense in the long run.

2. Check the details of the building before constructing. Upon tapping on the building and then information, you can will see preview of the building including how much resources it can generate or store or content that you can unlock based on its level. You must check your building first, as what we’ve said above, you must prioritize your storage and for you to know if a certain building can add up to your resources, defense, offense or etc.

3. Focus on campaign first. As you can see you can take battle from multiplayer (PvP) or campaign (PvE). Being a beginner you need to start with campaign as this is easy to complete. You are there to fight AI based base which you can defeat easily. This is where you can farm resources for early upgrade. Just like what we mentioned above on working your resources, campaign is a good way to get loots on what you need to upgrade your resource building.

4. Complete your achievements. Just like in other mobile games, you have set of task that you can complete in return of rewards. These tasks include upgrading supply storage to level 2, upgrading the fuel storage to level 2, upgrading headquarter to level 5, upgrading all units to level 2 and so on. If you analyze, you will see that tasks on achievements are also there to guide you on how you should play the game well. And it is more focus on resources and headquarters. If you are going to focus on that part of the game, you will find it easier for you to dominate Arma Mobile Ops. Also achievement is a good way to determine if you are playing the game right or not. If you can complete the level those tasks easier, meaning your strategy is working fine but if not, you need to reconsider or even spending cash or download cheats on it.

That’s it. If you want to add your strategy for Arma Mobile Ops, you can write it down through comment box below. Enjoy!

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