God of Attack Guide: List of All S Allies

Here is the list of all class S allies in God of Attack together with their HP, Attack Power, Attack Speed, and Ability in battle. Just like what we mentioned in our guide, it is better to focus on 3 allies when it comes to upgrading. And for you to know the best allies to build up in game, here is the list of allies that you can collect in game. [supsystic-tables id='26']

God of Attack Cheats and Guides

To compare it with the popular idle game, Tap Titans, God of Attack is far better considering the graphics, content, and features. The only downside of this game is less competition wherein in Tap Titans there is tournament for players to compete with. It is also appear that their premium currency is very expensive and only rich kids can avail it. But anyway, regardless of not spending diamonds, we still dominated the game using the

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