Mobius Final Fantasy Guides: How To Farm Skill Seeds Easily

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Now that you have the best cards from reroll the next topic we want to share in our Mobius Final Fantasy guides is how can you farm skill seeds by having highest score possible. As we found out that this is the easiest way for newbie to farm Skill Seeds and all you have to do is to aim for high score in every node or level you completed. Now the question is what is the best score to consider. Well the best score is to always to hit 1 Million score or higher. Keep in mind that the number of Skill Seeds you are going to acquire is based on how high your Battle Score is. Upon reaching 1 million pints, you will get 6x Skill Seeds.

Now that we have the number, our next challenge is how we can reach that number. Well you can consider different ways to get 1 million points or even higher in battle such as:

1. Beat your enemies using deathblow before breaking. As you can see, the score significantly increases every time you break an opponent. Thus if you can successfully break an enemy through ultimate ability, you will be able to get a high score in a single strike. Also in using your deathblow, make sure to cast it against the opponents with low resistance which you can kill in just a single blow.

2. Use ultimate skill to make more points. So for you to use your ultimate, you need to fill up the gauge first by attacking an enemy with the highest resistance and then use the accumulated element orbs in Element Drive. Use ultimate with the highest break power and attack strength. Also it is better to use support type card immediately before using ultimate. This is in case that you included a support type ability in your deck, just make sure to use it just before deploying your ultimate skill. Don’t use it often or you will get wronged of defeating the enemy sooner before your ultimate gauge reach full. 

3. Use jobs with high break power. This is the rule of thumb since you won’t be able to attain a high score if you break an enemy with a weak attack. Use strong ultimate from best job having it such as assassin and samurai.

4. Boost your ultimate attack with support skills. Here you can raise the attack strength of your ultimate using support abilities such as Gigant (brave), Lancelot (snipe), and Susanoo (berserk)

5. Use elemental attribute advantage. Don’t forget to attack the enemy with prescribe element or those why have weaknesses on it. Also it is good to use jobs with high magical power that can do high damage abilities such as Mage (609% Max Magical Power), Black Mage (618% Max Magical power), Red Mage (772% Max Magic Power), Scholar (533% Highest Magical Power), Thief (504% Highest Magical Power)

6. Use class with strong elemental attacks. As you can see some of elemental attacks is capable of giving you an overall advantage in game based on you and your opponent weaknesses. Here you will get advantage based on elemental properties such as warrior (150% fire elemental boost), mage (150% water elemental boost), white mage (150% fire elemental boost), ranger (wind elemental boost), thief (150% earth elemental boost), dark knight (150% water elemental boost), and ace striker (150% fire elemental boost)

7. Kill enemies immediately. The more turns you used in game, the more point deduction you will get and if you are looking forward to get higher score, you need to eliminate enemies in fewer turns. The trick here is to break the opponent as early as possible so you can deal the final blow.

Now that you now the tricks how can you have highest score possible, the next question is a location where you can farm Skill Seeds easier including:

Chapter 2’s Rippling Sand Dunes 2 – One of the best area for those players who just started playing the game. And as you can see, this map got earth-based opponents and with that element, you can easily use the counter element to ensure that you will have the advantage over them. Make sure to use job that can cast wind-based element so you can eliminate enemies easily and earn 200, 000 points.

Chapter 2’s Sandbank 2 – If you are tired of playing on Rippling Sand Dunes 2, you can go for another beginner level map, Sandbank 2. Here you need to have fire-based element since most opponent are having wind element. Actually one of the best map to farm since you need only to consume low stamina here so technically you can farm here a lot with low stamina consumption.

Chapter 3’s Shipafu Farm – Now if  you have enough with beginner level, you can start making your way with more advanced map such as Shipafu Farm. Here you will fight earth-based element monsters so you better select a job having fire element. Here you can get 1 million points easier. Don’t forget to use auto-battle since this map contains more waves of battle.

Chapter 3’s Hunter Island. Another 1 million-giver map which recommended for expert players since it has 8 stamina point required to enter and what is difficult here is that you need to encounter different elemental attribute per battle.

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